Women empowerment

We realized early that apart from being marginalised , women are often faced with domestic violence and due to poverty, girl children are exposed to undesirable pregnancies or forced into early marriages. Seeing how life is complicated and what they passed through in their respective countries, some of them are affected by mental health. This has become a thing of deep concern for us all

Women as bedrock of community development

Many refugees face barriers to inclusion in local economies, which makes finding stability for their families a challenge. Negative economic impacts related to coronavirus structures have made finances harder for female refugees and the barriers are even higher as gender discrimination closes doors or leads to lower pay.

We understand that by investing in economic opportunities for female refugees, we stand a chance to help close gaps in poverty, gender equality, and inclusive work – all while helping strengthen economies on a local and global scale.  

Training women in various entrepreneurial skills such as soap making enables them to generate more income and enables them to respond to their personal and family needs, therefore making it a priority for us to organize more and more sessions aimed at expanding their personal growth

These events and training tends to motivate them into discovering their value in the community and further encourages them to be part of the co-creation of the change we want to see. Watch their testimonies here

Why women?

According to UNHCR, Self-reliance is defined as the ability of individuals, households, or communities to meet their essential needs and sustainably enjoy their human rights, and live with dignity.

We understand that looking at the broader picture, one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that families can cater for themselves is to empower the women of the homes. This helps to build a deeply rooted support system for the whole family


According to statistics for refugees, females make up to at least 50% of the population and are often the most vulnerable


One of our goals is to promote their product brands and connect them with potential markets for more income and to become 100% self-reliant


Since 2019, we have trained over 1000 women, out of which 250+ have been able to start their soap business


Over 680 women are now able to make soap for their own personal and family hygiene

Nakivale stats

Building deeper family roots

Our support to refugees from different territories spans across areas of core important, ensuring that our activities are tailored to helping us achieve more sustainable cities

English lessons

We know that learning English is key to communicating with other community members, promoting chances to find work and advance studying. Being able to speak English helps refugees overcome the loneliness and isolation they often experience

Soap making

Training women in soap making enables them to generate more income and enables them to respond to their personal and family needs, therefore making it a priority for us to organize more and more sessions aimed at expanding their personal growth

Business training

Understanding the skill is often not enough to build a sustainable income stream, so beyond the skills that we train women in, we ensure that they are well equipped with the right business training to be able to start and run a business efficiently

Leadership education

Women are leaders by default, but the experiences that refugee women have to go through makes it difficult for them to socialize much at first. This is a common trait over the years and educating them in leadership has helped to break that barrier further

Natural farming techniques

As a part of our strategies to promote food security within our community, we ensure that women actively partake in all of our regenerative agricultural methods to grow better food for all. Some women go on to make an active living from it

Farm tools provision

Part of our farmers activation technique is to provide them with startup tools for success. On arrival into the settlement, many people are supported with small farm tools for them to be able to start thinking holistically about food security from day one

Networking opportunities

Our community is a safe haven for most refugees who come here. We try to smoothen the path to our togetherness, so that we can spend more time building sustainable structures within an already-unified ecosystem

General advise

We look out for one another and always happy to support our females through their daily struggles. Be it business, family support, skill acquisition or just casual chat, we always have people willing and ready to listen and share concerns with

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