We are honored to share the story of Paulinho Muzaliwa, our founder, who was recently awarded the prestigious Gene Dewey Refugee Award by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. This award recognizes individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and dedication to helping forcibly displaced people.

Paulinho’s journey, like that of many refugees, began with hardship. Forced to flee his home in the Democratic Republic of Congo due to conflict, he arrived at the Nakivale settlement in Uganda determined to rebuild his life and empower others.

Paulinho Muzaliwa with a farmer at the Nakivale settlement.
Paulinho Muzaliwa with a farmer at the Nakivale settlement.

Driven by this ambition, Paulinho founded UNIDOS. We focus on regenerative agriculture practices, not just to grow food, but to create a self-sustaining and environmentally sound future for the Nakivale community.

Our work began modestly, but with a clear vision: to equip refugees, especially women, with the skills and knowledge to become agents of change. Through training programs, we have empowered hundreds of women to not only provide for their families but also establish small businesses focused on sustainable practices, like creating organic soap from moringa leaves.

Muzaliwa with farmers at the Nakivale settlement.

The impact of UNIDOS extends beyond livelihoods. By nurturing the land and fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship, we are transforming the environmental landscape of Nakivale. This is a testament to the resilience and potential of refugees when given the opportunity to thrive.

Paulinho’s vision for UNIDOS is a future where refugees play a leading role in an agricultural revolution. Imagine a Nakivale settlement overflowing with organic produce, not just for consumption but to fuel a thriving local economy. This is the future we are working towards, together.

We are incredibly grateful to UNHCR for recognizing Paulinho’s leadership and the impactful work of UNIDOS. This award serves as a powerful motivator as we continue to empower refugees and cultivate a brighter future for the Nakivale community.