Unidos Social Innovation Centre’s Permaculture Work in Nakivale Refugee Settlement Wins Lush Spring Prize Award

Unidos Social Innovation Centre, an NGO created by refugees in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda, has been recognized with the Lush Spring Prize award for our work on permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices. Established and led by Paulinho Muzaliwa since 2018, along with a group of refugees living in Nakivale to address food insecurity and create livelihood opportunities in the community after food rations were drastically reduced for refugees in Uganda.

Through inclusive education and empowerment, Unidos teaches various courses in ecological farming techniques, English, business and leadership, and female empowerment. We have supported nearly 1000 people from Somalia, Congo, and Burundi to graduate as farmers in ecological farming.

We are focused on regenerating the soil through education and demonstrating to thousands of people how to do vermicomposting. We see the potential of commercially sized worm composting systems and have already constructed one near our education centre.

By teaching permaculture practices and regenerative agriculture, Unidos is empowering refugees to grow their own crops in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, and creating opportunities for them to improve their livelihoods.

We congratulate Unidos Social Innovation Centre for their outstanding work and commitment to making a difference in their community. The Lush Spring Prize award recognizes the impact of their efforts and serves as a testament to the importance of sustainable practices and community-driven initiatives in building a better world.

An excerpt from the Lush Spring Price website that can be found here